5 star review  Was great fun, looking forward to letting my wife do the driving on the next one, but think I'll book the easy one for her, what you think Jo

    thumb Donovan Paton

    5 star review  Love the community feel and all the friendly people, the trail was absolutely stunning!

    thumb Julindie Venter

    5 star review  What a great day out with the family. Thanks so much

    thumb Brendon Quail

    5 star review  An absolute experience. A great way to learn about your vehicle and most importantly a great day to spend quality time with your family. I highly recommend trying the trails out with Monteseel Adventure.

    thumb Premalia Naidoo

    5 star review  Now that was serious fun..... if you have a 4 x 4 and you havent done this then you are seriously missing out. Cant wait to join you guys again, and next time i wont be a newbie

    thumb Dorianne Rose

    5 star review  Ladies Day was my first time 4x4ing in Valley of 1000 Hills, what a great experience. Even if you're a woman on your own you'll still pass this day with flying colours tackling a few river crossings, a bit of rock and rutted terrain under the supervision of Jacques and Estelle

    thumb Melane Henderson